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What is a Domain Name?   A domain name is a unique alphanumeric name used to identify a particular computer (i.e. Web server or mail server) on the Internet. Domain names allow Internet users to type in a name, such as digidreamaker.com to identify a numeric address such as It is your unique, online identity. No two parties can have the same domain name.

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Painting Tutorials

How To Paint A Seascape | Oil Painting Tutorial - Michael J. Smith

Paint a Realistic Eye
by Malen Zeichnen

Draw A Realistic Eye in Graphite - Kirsty Partridge Art

Draw a Broken Egg in Realistic 3D - How to Draw 3D Art - Marcello Barenghi

The Illusion of Depth - Contrast, Aerial Perspective and Form - by Proko

Drawing realistic skin texture around eye
Juhlia Hilton
E-mail:      kim8256@shaw.ca