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Horse head
Horse head - drawing
in graphite pencil
Painted Poney

Drawn in Pencil on grey toned paper

Ravensitting on Barbed Wire

Raven - Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper



Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper
Orchids drawing
in pencil
My Dog in Pencil

Dog Drawn in Pencil on paper

Crying baby

Crying Baby
Pencil Drawing

crying boy behind Fence
Crying Boy
Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper
Skull Pencil DrawingHuman Skull in Pencil
Neanderthall skull
Neanderthal Skull
pencil on paper

African Elephant African Elephant in grey
coloured pencils on paper
Blonde giril crying
Crying Girl
Graphite Pencil and Charcoal
Drawing on Paper
two parrots
Two McCaw Parrots
Graphite pencil on paper
McCaw Parrot
McCaw Parrot
Graphite pencil on paper
Empty Photo

Graphite pencil on paper

Three Horses
Graphite pencil on paper

Javan Rino

Javan Rhinoceros - Pencil drawing on paper
Elephant and ibis

Elephant and Ibis Graphite Pencil Drawing
on Water Colour Paper
Empty Photo Empty Photo
T-Rex Dinososaur pencil

T-Rex Dinosaur Pencil Drawing

Triceratops Dinosaur
pencil on paper

Ankylosaurus drawing
on typewriter paper

Empty Photo

Juhlia H. Hilton B.Sc. B.B.A.
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