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Melloday K. (Kimborllaye) Lyncaster
(AKA Helen I. Stewart)

My Career As a Geneticist

Caenorhabditis elegans

The Microscopic Worm Caenorhabditis elegans drawn freehand in photoshop 6. This is what I used to work with when I worked as a Genetics researcher in the Baillie Genetics lab, at SFU, Burnaby, B.C. 
Note: image copyright � Kimborllaye all rights reserved.
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Melloday K. (Kimborllaye) Lyncaster (AKA Helen I. Stewart)


Refereed (Peer reviewed) Journal Publications

Stewart, Helen, Nigel J. O'Neil, Diana L. Janke, Norman W. Franz, Helen Chamberlin, Ann M. Howell, Erin J. Gilchrist, The Ha, Lynette M. Kuevers, Greg Vatcher and David L. Baillie. 1998. Lethal mutations defining 112 complementation groups in a 4.5 megabase sequenced of Caenerabditis elegans chromosome III. Mol. Gen. Genetics, vol.260, issue2/3, pp.280-288.

Janke, Diana L., Jacqueline E.Schein, The Ha, Norman W. Franz, Nigel J. O'Neil, , Greg Vatcher, Helen I. Stewart, Lynette M. Kuevers, David L. Baillie and Anne Rose. 1997. Interpreting a sequenced genome: toward a cosmic transgenic library of Caenerabditis elegans: Genome Research 7(10):974-985.

Stewart, H.I., R.E. Rosenbluth and David L. Baillie. 1991. Most ultraviolet induced mutations in the nematode Caenerabditis elegans are chromosomal rearrangements. Mutation Research 249: 37-47.

Other Publications and Notes

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Kimborllaye Lyncaster
Phone:     (403 460-0023